10 September 2011


First week of grade 12 has gone by and I have not made a post about the subject. Bit of a problem as I had the plans to document my struggles and triumph as the end of my highschool days approach.

So far it hasn't been as busy as I anticipated, mostly because Advance Functions is barely past review stages. Still doing my homework diligently ;D One improvement over the previous years is that I'm not skipping over questions in which my answer doesn't match the textbooks. My hypothesis is that if I check homework more carefully, I will be able to do so on tests and avoid getting marks off from negative signs.

Clubs have yet to pick up either. Planning to dramatically concentrate my efforts this year in Engineering Club and WCC. I will, for sure, not have useless meetings in engineering and have more in club events (shad being the inspirations for a lot of them, thank you so much for sunday engineering challenges).

Speaking of shad (and I will be continuing to talk about that for soooo long to come, it's actually really close to a life changing experience that I'm only beginning to truly appreciate), I really miss being in a room where every single person tries to make the most of out of whatever's currently happening. The positivity really feeds off one another, I remember people going to their 3rd choice seminars and coming back the very least not bored. Heck I even paid full attention in biology focused lectures which I would otherwise just tune out at school. Though attention is not a concern this year as 7/8 courses are electives which I'm interested in.
I've gone off topic, the reason why I brought this up is because in shad (reason why my house group had so much conflict), or even enriched English last year, it doesn't feel awkward raising your hand and talking all the time. But in the science classes that I really like and want to ramble on and on in, I'm thinking "how many questions should go by before it's not awkward again to answer". As my current English would say, it's not students fault but rather the education system etc etc etc (this is a whole discussion for another day).

...blah don't think the above paragraph is an accurate representation of what I have in my head. This is another really big problem, I have trouble expressing myself when it comes to my opinions. Perhaps this is how my impression of uncaring formed to Alex, maybe I subconsciously avoid having to express opinions. Problem acknowledged and will work towards problem fixed.

go second week gooooo.

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