30 June 2011


AVERAGE FINALLY OVER 92! Yuuuuuh >D Been stuck there for like 2 years already.
My low marks dropped (lot more 80s) and high marks went higher. Thankfully the increase in the higher marks are greater in magnitude than the decrease in the lower marks.

Average: 93.0%

English: 87 (-4)
Exam screwed me over, completely e_e Could have been in the mid 90s.
Math: 87 (+4)
Exam did not screw me over.
Chem: 89 (-1)
Could have been higher if I didn't screw up on the exam, back to term one mark.
Physics: 94 (-2)
Sigh, dropped by 2% per term, sighh.
Co-op: 99/98 (+1/2)
Business: 96 (+1)
pretty good mark, could have been better if I didn't screw up on the photoshop unit. I'm still bitter over that, seriously, photoshop unit? -o-
Tech: 94 (+1)
I miss my hundred in first term, please come back Mr. I T_T


Also Muji haul so I have nice pens for my moleskine xD

Want some more stationaries, another jetpen haul anyone?

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