24 July 2017


Here I present evidence that I have indeed been cooking lots of vegetables.

Exhibit A: one preparation that dandelion greens taste good in

I somewhat regret being spontaneous and buying a bunch of dandelion greens. Usually I'm proud of the fact that I like bitter greens, but this is a whole other level. It was good chopped up small in congee with some ground chicken, but dandelions are pretty nasty in soup or stir-fried. This was my last attempt at using up what I bought, and it's really good with pasta in peppery olive oil, loads of black pepper, and even more pecorino romano.

Exhibit B: first harvest from Sky Garden and mom's backyard

Chicken pasta (you're seeing all pasta dishes because we recently ran out of rice and are not feeling up to lugging a bag home in this heat) featuring oregano from mom's yard, and kale and lemon basil from Sky Garden...and lots of butter and peppery olive oil.

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