27 May 2017

white sandwich loaf v2

version 1

Strangely, or perhaps because the yeast is getting old, this batch took much less time to rise. Thankfully I had to courage to stop the final rise early. The crumb is also more airy, but that could be because I didn't do a good job deflating the dough. The final bread is quite soft because that, which makes it difficult to slice. You can see the indent from me holding the bread:

Step Time Temp
End of mix 1:40 PM 80
Fold 1 1:46 PM 76
Fold 2 13:53 77
Fold 3 2:02 PM 77
End of bulk 3:06 PM 77
End of pre-shape 3:40 PM 75
Start of baking 4:57 PM -
End of baking 6:00 PM 210

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