14 May 2017


Day out along Queen W with mom:

Started off at the Flower Market, aka how I roped her into travelling all the way to Toronto. The size was somewhat disappointing to her since her hometown has a large flower and bird market every weekend.

Hopefully by the time convocation rolls around the "peonies" in her backyard would be blooming.

Lunch at Fresh, the menu didn't have many hot items which was what I was craving, but the squash tacos were pretty tasty. Their hot sauce is on point. But the best order was the gojiccino, which is a goji berry based drink with coffee and chocolate flavours. Maybe it'll be the next "it" drink after turmeric lattes.

My appetite has really shrunk since two tacos filled me up really well. But there's always a separate stomach for desserts at Nadage. Mom was unimpressed with macarons.


lol by this recount it seems like she didn't have a terribly great day. In my defence she got nice botanical art cards and this rose that she couldn't find in the garden centre close to her house.
Thanks mom :)

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