07 May 2017


No idea if W2T is super duper generous with samples or I got sent someone else's order as well. I ordered the two items in the top row (White Whale and Old Reliable), while the rest appeared along with them.

My quest to find tea that taste like the tea of my memories is most likely a futile endeavour. This order was enabled by W2T's free shipping event, so I ordered the Old Reliable in hopes of finding a cheap ripe puer that taste like the cake of Lincang Baodaoshan that I had ages ago. The flavour isn't that similar unfortunately. The Old Reliable is characteristic of what I think a "typical" ripe taste like. It's also loosely compressed, which is good for breaking pieces off without using a pick, but bad for estimating how much tea you've actually broken off. Longevity is so-so, getting about 5 - 6 good brews out of it using somewhat gong-fu brewing style.


Relevant to ripe puer: my mom is microwaving soil for gardening, and the smell of heated up soil is legit so similar to some ripe puer. At first I was a little uneasy with the smell, but the realization made it a lot easier to bear.

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