23 May 2017


some of the long weekend eats:

 salted caramel chocolate mousse from David Leibovitz

Where I learned that making caramel isn't scary at all, thanks to Stella's advice of using a giant pot. This recipe is moreso tricky trying to fold in stiffly whipped egg whites. I also ate it after chilling it for only ~2 hours, which made the texture not quite mousse like. It was like a sticky pudding instead, which almost match the caramel taste more. Would def make again.

red velvet cookies via Sally's Baking Addiction / chocolate chip cookies via Kenji

Somehow Jeff and I spent 2+ hours making these two cookie doughs, but at least we now have cookies on demand. The UFO profile cookie (thin, crisp edges with a thick chewy centre) still eludes us, so we're still bickering over cookie texture for the near future. I also believe that the cookie dough is a mere vehicle for containing oozing chunks of chocolate.
There's some moose track ice cream sitting in the freezer and I'm dreaming of it being sandwiched between these chocolate chip cookies.

brunch: leftover lasagna with an egg and garlic bread

aka I ate too much and still feel crappy. Let's just appreciate a rather photogenic spread.

We also made steak, which ended up being a tad overcooked (medium to medium well). I blame a very slow reading thermometer, but it's a poor excuse since I later found out that the thermometer is oven proof and could've just been left in the meat. At the very least I appreciate my thermopop and cast iron pan more.


Cheese is so much cheaper at costco. $9 for a huge chunk of smoked cheddar hurr.

I lament about how much more expensive grocery is downtown in general, but at least there's farmer's markets and my own gardens to look forward to. Going to gorge on all the fresh tomato I can.

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