03 May 2017


The last set of marks for undergrad, dun dun dunn:

  • Technology & Design for Global Development: 90 (Bilton is awesome regardless of what I got)
  • Special Studies: Eglinton Crosstown: 88 (not bad for a subject area I know very little of, also the most enlightening feedback on an assignment I've ever gotten in undergrad)
  • Capstone: 88 (clutch!)
  • Sustainable Buildings: 96 (yay the one course I need a high mark in I get)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies in Environment: 86 (good enough, although slightly embarrassing that my lowest mark is a 200 level course)
I'm frankly surprised that I kept a 4.0 this semester, guess all that misery amounted to something. Or maybe forth year profs are nice in the end and gave us all good grades so we can move on with our lives. It's extra sad that this was my least enjoyable semester because it was the only semester where I like the subject of every one of my courses.

Am I salty that I was one semester away from keeping my 4.0 cGPA? Yeah somewhat. Oh wells, there is no longer a need to advertise my grades on my resume, I'll just brag about high honours. 

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