08 May 2017

2017 summer readings

Another year, another list.
...but with some format changes. Instead of listing individual titles, here's the general direction of what I want to read.

  1. Finish Murakami's novels, basically read A Wild Sheep Chase since Killing Commendatore probably won't be out for a while
  2. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is my next author to tackle. I considered Terry Pratchett, but the timeline is a little unrealistic. 
  3. Design...theory? Not sure what's an accurate name for this category, aesthetics? So far I'm almost done Wabi Sabi, have a book on Dieter Ram on the way, and want to read a couple of Kenya Hara's books. Also The Aesthetics of the Japanese Lunchbox, which has haunted me since seeing it in New York during my second trip.
  4. A whole bunch of cookbooks. Too many, too many. Some other food writings as well, such as MFK Fisher. 
  5. Classic Russian novels. Finished the first part of Anna Karenina over the winter book, will finish the rest. This video made a convincing case for War and Peace. Also need to finish a Dostoyevsky book that I started reading last summer "orz

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