16 April 2017


Today's food notes:

I've been making this focaccia for a long time but recently switched to using bread flour and woah it ruined a lot of things. The dough is super wet when using the same ratio of flour to water as all-purpose flour. After two stubborn attempts of not changing anything, I've resigned to reducing the water until I can shape the dough into anything but the current blob shape. So far 200ml is still too much.
Reminder to self to renew library card and borrow The Breadbaker's Apprentice (and others on my long long list of cookbooks to read)


Living in Toronto with a dislike for out of season fruits forces myself to eat only apples and oranges (technically not in season, but for some reason I associate oranges and tangerines with winter months) for more than half a year. So to bribe myself to study for finals, I splurged on some nice grapes:

Most bites are average good, but damn some bites are so fragranced *u* reminds me of the first time that I smelled a peach that I bought at the Piedmont Park farmer's market. But more literally it taste similar to a logan.

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