24 March 2017


After 4 years of living in the same area, I'm finally repeatedly going to some restaurants for meals.

 Always ordering these two things from Charidise

Last meal at Raijin before they move farther away. They also have a combini that sells Calpis concentrate *u*

Following the formula of acidic / fatty / carbs...plus vegetables

And the Uncle Tetsu empire expands yet again, this time into cheese tarts. Pre-emptively striking before Pablo opens?
It is damn good though, I like it better than the cheesecakes


Bowen Wu said...

Wow. Found your interesting blog from FB! I went to Rajin the day before them moving out!

Weijie said...

Haha hi!
Did you get the $5 off coupon? I'm too lazy to go to the new location to use it.

Sarah said...

OMG I've been dying to try Charidise!!!

Weijie said...

You will not regret getting the Taiwanese fried chicken