31 March 2017


It took many weeks for Kenny and I to exchange tea, but it finally happened and today's weather is a perfect match for some red tea. Its my first time having red tea from Sun Moon Lake and it has a...licorices taste? The leaves are very pretty and smells super sweet.

In other news, I ordered yet more pu er. I blame being stressed when white2tea sent out its email promoting a weekend free shipping event. Made a little order for the white whale, the 2002 tea that made them famous iirc, and their 2017 house blend ripe pu-er. They're sort of on the opposite spectrum, but the white whale seems like such a deal at ~30 for a 15 year old (likely good) tea. Sigh I haven't touched anything from my giant YS haul yet ;_; School go away.


Today my prof showed me NASA's surface meteorology and solar energy database, where have you been all my (school) life?! I have so much appreciation for good datasets now. I also appreciated a textbook for the first time in university, bless the Unit Operations in Food Processing.


I miss Kyoto too. Didn't spend nearly enough time sitting on the patio here.

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