23 March 2017

cuddle on the couch

Whereas the experiment has been satisfactorily carried out.
Whereas the results confirmed the hypothesis.
I think I like the current way? At the worst, feeling scared is better than feeling guilty. At the best, eh both are pretty close, really depends on how altruistic I feel.

I forget if this was posted already, oh wells.
Cue all the scenes in Before Sunrise with the loaded glances.


Okay I admit (to myself really) grad school is bothering me a lot. Can I instead transform into a tree in the middle of the forest in some remote region? Fuck I'm not doing anything for a good reason.


I. Yang said...

whats wrong with grad school?
hang in there!!! :)

Weijie said...

Ahhhhh I feel that I'm faking motivation writing my personal statements.
Thanks <3