09 February 2017


It's been soup weather these couple of days, winter is finally setting in.

 vegetable miso soup

My SOP for the bare minimum miso soup is currently:

  1. Brown awase (mixed) miso and the white parts of a green onion (woah now I understand why its called a scallion in other places) with sesame oil.
  2. Add water, a glug of fish sauce and cook for some time. Usually I cook an egg in the same pot so it'd be the time it takes to bring the pot with egg to a boil + 5min. Meanwhile clean and chop the vegetable.
  3. Take out egg, put in vegetables along with green parts of green onion and cook until soft. I've been converted to liking soft vegetables in soup.
  4. Consume with joy.

kimchi tuna stew with my radish pickles (so yummy!) and other stir-fried Chinese vegetable

The radish kimchi turned out to be quite salty, unsure of how to remediate. Also gotta use up my pickled kale stems...and all the meat stocked up in my freezer "orz


Other heavy food for the cold weather:
 roast meat, beef ver. 

The link is mores for myself because I never remember the oven temperature and google search does a poor job crawling this blog.

cabbage gratin that I've basically turned into pizza-style

Not as good as I remember making it in Atlanta...probably because there's not even cheese this time.

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