17 February 2017


Clearing my backlog of food photos because off to New York again. This is perhaps the most needed getaway yet.

There are many cans of tomato sitting in my cupboard, although I'll repurpose some for cooking Indian food. Cream cheese is a fine addition.

Pickles galore! In fact this meal encompasses all of the pickles I've made: the daikon pickle as a side, while the daikon kimchi, kale stem and even the super gingery carrot is fried into rice. Fried rice is the solution to pickles. Meal also featuring Indian spiced carrots and chickpea topping mixed with 老干妈.


Mom and I resumed our weekly lunches:

 Katto Sushi, which opened up shop in the place of ND Sushi. Brownie points for presentation (although mom's first comment was: now they serve sushi on chopping boards?). Taste wise, some hits ands misses.

Colaba Junction: steps away from Mumbai Street Food and I order the chaat to compare. Yelp also tipped off that the Thali came with a fancy plate so that was ordered as well. Overall the two are pretty darn similar.


Jeff eats here a lot:
I approve of the bibimbap

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