07 January 2017


Sometimes, only sometimes, I wonder why I love such high maintenance items...leather shoes, cast iron pans, unglazed teapots...

I finally finished a complete polish of my monks, not too bad for a first time. Lesson learned is that polishing shoes take a lot of patience and elbow grease, and that reading about people devoting a weekend to polishing shoes still doesn't prepare you to actually do it. Additionally, I don't have shoe trees for my monks, so it was a challenge supporting the leather while simultaneously trying to get a good grip on the entire shoe with one hand. Did give up (laziness & intimidated) on using wax polish to get a mirror shine on the toe though.

There's also a difference in colour at the toe cap between the two shoe since I cleaned the old polish off one shoe (right) only. It turned out a little darker compared to the left, but also has a dark patch where the leather was scuffed before. Perhaps its because I didn't let the leather fully dry before conditioning?
Boy was there a difference in how much effort it took to get a shine between the two shoes. I finally understand why people advocate for frequent thin coats of polish.

Also conditioned my boots and gave it a slight polish on the smooth calf areas.


Thanks for indulging me in showing off my shoes hehe.

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