25 January 2017


The crisp chickpeas in all its glory:

Also a good snack. Good timing since these couple of days I've been weirdly craving savoury snacks despite my usual sweet tooth.

Even though the time it takes to cook the steel cut oats is pretty much exactly how long it takes me to brush teeth, wash face, and put stuff on face (obviously the largest time sink), I made some cornbread for breakfast just in case:

Cornbread + buckwheat honey = soul mates as well.

Lastly some cabbage with shrimp paste for lunch:


T'was so much easier and faster processing these Fuji photos. Should really stop using my phone unless I have perfect light. Also recently switched to keeping my focus mode on manual with AF-assist on, super easy and fast to get focus right this way. I've joined the back-button focus side (and also the on-camera flash side, until I get myself to B&H in Feb!) :D

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