24 January 2017


Catching up to things I've cooked the past week:

Psst: photography side note, I somehow always end up cooking food that is a major pain to take photos of.

Am I terrible at focusing or is this just how cream looks like? Please say the latter to comfort me. Also I've been so spoiled by nice Fuji jpegs that I'm at a loss at how to fix photos in post.

Otherwise super comfort pasta that I ate too much of. Pepperoni is so good. Rotini + cream sauce should be soul mates.

Finally got around to making the lemon syrup, except Jeff juiced the lemons so well that the equal sugar by weight called for by the recipe is way too much. I've been going through sugar super fast with the constant baking as well.

I think the only way to make oatmeal look good is plating it in a pretty container. Despite meh results from a tahini & date smoothie, this combination is awesome in oatmeal. I've also conceded my old way of making steel cut oats and followed the instructions from the back of the package for once. It turned out so much better. Now I know why everyone boils it in water and then splash milk afterwards.

The best for last! My noodle making skills have also degraded, but this is the best damn bowl of noodle I've made in years. In fact my only memory of another crazy good bowl of noodles I've made is the very first time that I followed my dad's instructions back in second year. But this! I intended to make a Chongqing style noodles via Lady & Pup, but it was more laborious than I recalled so here is my cheat version. It's basically a lot of 老干妈 (so obviously it's gonna be good) topped with crisp chickpeas.

In fact I am so happy with how this noodle turned out that I made more crisp chickpeas today (and also because I simply cooked too much for the chana masala). More on that tomorrow.

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