13 January 2017


It's with an uneasy mix of relief and sadness that I view my grades this semester.
  • Reinforced Concrete II: 80 
So let's get this out of the way first. The source of my mixed feelings. So obviously there goes my 4.0, and I think I'm mostly sad about this due to sunken cost. Also unhappy that I did so poorly despite thinking that I knew the material well. But truly I'm relieved that there's no more pressure to keep up my gpa, and I can try to feel less guilty whenever I want to take a break when feeling unwell. This is one area that I still act very illogically, it doesn't help at all knowing that I will be more productive after resting.

  • Terrestrial Energy Systems: 94 a stark contrast to recon, I thought if anything this would be the course that breaks my gpa. Still confused as to how I received this mark.
  • Thesis: 94 yay, bless.
  • Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Environment: 90, was hoping for higher but essay said otherwise.
  • Green Urban Infrastructure: 85, due to arguing final projects marks up. This course was surprisingly difficult to get high marks in. 
I suppose for second semester I can convince myself that I'm working hard because I want to learn rather than to keep grades up. It does sting that my average have not been this low...probably since middle school? 

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