29 December 2016

photo workflow

This is an attempt at establishing a SoP for managing my travel photos, which is embarrassingly scattered over a whole bunch of sources:

  • Facebook - food, people, and select scenery, aka things other people are interested in
  • Blog - food and my pick of scenery, or things I have words to match to
  • Random folders scattered on my desktop - "working" files, current workflow is a subfolder for full size jpg back-up (after a round of initial picking from camera), any raws that I've edited, edited and resized for web jpgs, any print files. Works fine since I can dump the entire folders into my external HD afterwards. 
  • Photos app - anything I share with family and all scenery photos
  • External HD - archive
To further increase the length of this list, I'm adding a tumblr where every edited jpg goes (basically collecting fb and blog photos in once place) and also Google Photos that back ups every jpg although not at full size. 

Now for the mammoth task of going through all the aforementioned sources and populating the tumblr...

I must be crazy for going through Gritaly photos, but this is the first photo that I liked as a photo:
There's been a print of this on my wall ever since

Also editing these old photos made me realize how much difference a simple s-curve can make to a cloudy day photo.

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