04 December 2016



So the previous string of 张学友 songs is all because a couple lines from this song was stuck in my head and I tried in vain to find the corresponding song. Deluded myself into thinking that one of the first two songs that I posted was it. But alas today I finally did find it, through dumb luck really. There ought to be a shrine of dumb luck that I can go pray at.

你瘦了憔悴得让我好心疼   有时候爱情比时间还残忍
把人变得盲目而奋不顾身   忘了爱要两个同样用心的人

你醉了脆弱得藏不住泪痕   我知道绝望比冬天还寒冷
你恨自己是个怕孤独的人   偏偏又爱上自由自私的灵魂

你带着它唯一写过的情书   想证明当初爱得并不糊涂
他曾为了你的逃离颓废痛苦   也为了破镜重圆抱着你哭

哦 可惜爱不是几滴眼泪几封情书 哦---   这样的话或许有点残酷
等待着别人给幸福的人   往往过的都不怎么幸福
哦 可惜爱不是忍着眼泪留着情书 哦---   伤口清醒要比昏迷痛楚
禁闭着双眼又拖着错误   真爱来临时 你要怎么留得住

 The lyrics remind me of this song.

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