31 October 2016

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Somethings never change :'D
I can most likely find a photo just like this for every year that this blog has been alive.

This count as something scary, so happy halloween.

28 October 2016


Been enjoying a weekly lunch with mom, we're eating our way down Bay St. (previously: Bombay Street Food ft. amazing chaat, and Nandos ft. amazing milk tarts).

This week is at Tosto's, which is solid for pasta and pizza (interesting crust, it's flakey-ish).


Further proof that I am alive and decently well (because yay done my simulations for thesis!), went to AGO with girl friends:
Happy to see structural wood.

25 October 2016


A sense of place:

In other news, booked my tickets to the annual reading week trip to New York. Much excite, currently feeling an intense need to get away.

24 October 2016


Kicking off the autumn / winter season with some hotpot in the dutch oven :D

21 October 2016


Stress eating, or rather stress craving for bbq, is so real.

At Memphis BBQ, which made me super nostalgic about Fat Matt's since the atmosphere was so similar (minus the live music at night...and Atlanta's almost perpetual patio weather). Awesome pulled pork and fries.

At Cherry St BBQ, which I was hyping up for myself since...I was in China? It was good, but definitely prefer the sides to the meat, though that's not saying that I didn't devour the meat regardless :)

In other news, Rui and I have good food :)
High school us would definitely be proud of us now.

08 October 2016


In case anyone is wondering why it's been so silent, this is the reason:

of December. So I'll be devoting my life (well, sparing some time for a certain boy too) to them until then. The silver lining to filling out graduate school applications is that it does force a critical look at what exactly my career aspirations are. Thesis is also the best teacher of time and project management. Bonus point for learning how to use this awesome citation manager.

Example: was staying at the lab working on both of the above items till about midnight yesterday. But then went to the late night location of Burger Priest for something to contain my sanity.

Yep, still the best burger ever, even if the bun isn't grilled with butter anymore.