09 May 2016


Connecting flight to CTU delayed, half day tour returned early, all that worrying for nothing. Since my layover is now ~12hrs, here's today batch of photos.

First stop of the half day tour is the 手信坊 wagashi factory, where we made green bean cakes and sampled a lot of other wagashi.  Ofc I bought some pineapple cakes. 


The second stop is 清水祖師宮, which most definitely rivals the Vatican in terms of sheer intricacy. Although the larger scale of the Vatican trumps this temple, this can boost that all the wooden members are constructed without nails.

I apologize in advance that all the overall shots of the temple is crappy. Was too busy being in awe, and also more interested in taking photos of all the incense smoke. I also need to brush up on how to offer incense.

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