12 May 2016

Kyoto slice #3

Slice #3 is other sights, though I don't mean to diminish their significance by grouping it together.

 Roof of Kyoto Station, not actually a good spot to see the sunset.

 Yasaka Shrine (八坂神社)

 Heinan Shrine (平安神宮)

 Old Rohm Theatre building that's now a really awesome Tatsuya bookstore storefront. 

 Fushimi Inari Shrine (伏見稲荷大社)

 Ippodo!! Tried their best gyokuro, did not know that tea could be so umami, mind blown.

 To contrast, % Coffee (arashiyama branch), friend ordered a latte for me, it was very good.

 Nishiki market, quite an overwhelming experience with an overload of choice

 Nijo Castle, learning a bit of the history here gave more context to several mangas that I'm following

 Tora-ya, an exceedingly pleasant experience eating in their outdoors space. Bonus for atmospheric light rain falling.

The rain got heavier by the time I walked to the imperial gardens, no complains aside from it's difficult talking photos while holding an umbrella.

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