09 April 2016


It's depressing how little I can eat. Yet again I've missed my chance to have dumplings, 钟水饺 nonetheless, in Atlanta. This is not meant to be...but in a month and half I'll be having my beloved dumplings in Chengdu again! I swear I'm going to that place the first chance that I have.

Anyways, this is about Krog St Market.

Coworker recommended Yalla and Gu's dumplings. I somehow convinced myself that I can eat both a shawarma and a salad bowl, and then 6 dumplings. It is abundantly clear in retrospect how wrong that is.

I struggled to finish the shawarma, as good as it was (but would be better if they warmed the pita and heated up the meat more) and slowly consumed the salad over the next hour while reading about leather quality on styleforum. I really am not a salad person, but the pickled okra, beets, and cherry tomatoes were fantastic.

The market was also a lot smaller than I imagined, so there wasn't much to walk around in attempt to digest. So I gave up on my dumplings, but did stick with getting an almond croissant from Little Tart to go.

devouring this atm

Also dropped by Xocholatl to pick up more bars of this amazingly delicious "kissed mermaids" chocolate bar (coconut milk, sea salt, cocoa nibs).

This is definitely better than Mast Bros. An intoxicating smell of chocolate bursts out as I unwrapped the bar, and this is not even a hyperbole. I'm also a fan of the bar design. This may just be my favourite bar of chocolate ever eaten.

Of course luck would have it that the store didn't have this flavor in stock today. But luckily they said that another customer told them that a hipster-to-the-max shop in PCM had some in stock, and I was going to drop by on the way back to the Whole Foods across the street anyways. I've finally entered into the category of consumers that regularly buy small batch chocolates and grocery at Whole Foods. Achievement unlocked?

Speaking of PCM, it would definitely be the place I want to live if I move to Atlanta, $1500 rent for a studio be damned. It's got all the amenities within walking distance, right on the beltline (oh yeah I finally walked on the beltline today), and not a hassle to commute to WPM's office. It's comforting to know that so many good restaurants are either downstairs or a short walk via beltline to Krog away. But the priority remains Europe/NYC > Toronto > Atlanta.

It is fast how a year has past...

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