27 April 2016


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Initial impressions of bravely default:
  • love the battle system, took a while to learn how to default/brave properly, though it's now reduced to brave x4 when fighting mobs for the combat bonuses and generally default x3 then brave x4 when fighting easier bosses. 
  • Ringabel == Alvin?! At least that's where I'm predicting his story is going based on the enigmatic notes and the minor spoiler in the artbook that I saw of Ringabel returning to his own world at the game's end. When Alternis first appeared, I thought that he was actually Ringabel in this timeline, and while I believe that less now because of the difference in rank, it seems too convenient that those two characters did not appear simultaneously.
  • Disappointed that I can't play as swordmaster until a couple more chapters in :( and in general how slowly you accumulate the job classes. But I also remember being overwhelmed in the demo when you had immediate access to all of them. Currently sticking with white x black mage, and ranger x spell fencer, while leveling a merchant for that big pharma hack.
  • Shipping Ringabel x Edea so hard, mostly cause Tiz x Agnes is such a calm and certain couple. Also it worries me that Ringabel is not mentioned at all in the promo materials for Bravely Second, though my theory is that he's the key art character with the hidden face and white hair, cause c'mon the hair. I hope it's obvious that I favour Ringabel so much more than the other characters.
  • Edea's black / white is fairly static so hoping that there's more growth in her character when she meets her father. The encounters that she's had with her previous comrades seem unbelievable in how unhesitant she is, though its arguable that she got that trait from her father. 
  • Agnes' head strong trait is fairly to my liking, and Olivia's death is pushing her character along nicely. It was cute when she relied on Tiz's judgement in character in the beginning when Tiz and her first met Ringabel and Edea.
  • Tiz...jury's still out on him. Mephilia's comment makes me intrigued, actually the whole encounter with Mephilia is intriguing. All the art with Tiz and his sheep is adorable though.

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