08 March 2016

Spring/Summer '16

I've reached a point where every new clothing acquisition is an exasperated search because I want very specific features. Will probably order loafers...and card case from Everlane because I'm not ready to jump to St.C yet, thus "my resignation was a silent rain falling over a vast sea". Though I'm not unhappy that I've settled for a green coat, but of course still keeping my eyes out for *the one*.

A list of things I hope to serendipitous come across for S/S:
  • linen tapered trousers in the lightest warm grey, wearable to the office yet can also manage as the sole pair of pants for warm weather travels (packing for cold weather is so much easier...)
  • tapered chinos in a color between army green and olive 
  • lightweight (cotton linen blend perhaps?) cream cardigan that's in-between pants and skirt length
  • should replace my khaki shorts... this should be an easy item to find! mid rise & pleated
  • a replacement for that teal high-low skirt would be nice too, though it's really only the elasticized waistband that's bothering me
I realize that once I start working full-time, I would need exceedingly little casual clothing, especially since I tend to dress biz-cas casually anyways. Which means it would be unwise to purchase a pair of lightwash boyfriend jeans and high waisted denim shorts. It's a battle between temptation and aversion to high cost-per-wear items. Though requiring that my clothing to double duty has cut back on my desire to buy a million summer dresses. We'll see if this statement still holds true when I'm in Asia haha.


and then I look over at Oak+Fort, my gosh their pant selection is amazing. Must head to their Eaton store asap when I'm back. 

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