19 March 2016


Today was the first day for the farmer's market at Piedmont Park, came home with some garlic greens and farm eggs. I do think that I'll upgrade to buying farm eggs because the yolks are actually that much more orange and they're not that much more expensive. Well depends on how you think about it, $0.50/egg is quite reasonable but it is twice the cost of Publix organic eggs. Don't think I'll miss $1.50 per week though, and am glad that I can afford this kind of lifestyle.

Whipped up a quick lunch with today's bounty:

French-ish omelette with garlic shoots filling, and a side of ε‡‰ζ‹ŒθŠΉθœ. Is celery slaw the most accurate English translation? After a week of finely slicing celery for cold noodles and now this, I can say that my knife skills have visibly improved heh :D

Anyways the omelette. I fully intended making it French style with butter and cream, but somehow totally forgot that the key was to frequently stir it over a very low heat. Instead the butter ended up browning in the cast iron skillet while I was whisking the eggs, and I poured the egg in then proceeded onto chopping the garlic shoots without any stirring. No complaints about the final product though, in fact I love the crispy egg bits.


While at the farmer's market, I also picked up a bar of local artisan chocolate.

Atlanta's answer to Mast Brothers, although the wrapping paper isn't quite their level. But with the possible scandal over Mast Bros, I'm happy with supporting a local business. Nice crunch with bits of cacao nibs, and a nice coconutty aftertaste.

Speaking of relative sense of pricing, I read a yelp review of this business that complained about how Godiva bars are larger at the same price point (~$10 ea). Usually I'm pretty immune to the stupidity (or perhaps just a difference in value) over the internet, but these two operations aren't exactly comparable. The scale that they operate at, ignoring the fair trade and organic premium, is a world apart. smh.

The girl at the stand did tell me that every bar is produced in their Krog St. Market store and that they give tours if you just ask. Will definitely make a visit.

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