26 March 2016


So far my film emulation choices is as follows:
  • velvia for travel
  • classic chrome for when lighting is good (and controllable) 
  • provia for food 
Day 2 in Charleston has been with intermittent thunderstorms. Also ate too much sugared goods, now seriously craving some vinegar-y bbq. Actually change that to vinegar-y slaw, but so far only 1 bbq joint has actually had good slaw and not shreds of cabbage soaked in mayo.

Because of the rain, I also didn't take much photos and painstakingly hid my camera under my jacket since by body isn't weather-proofed. But here's the Aikens-Rhett house, one of the house museums. This one is preserved rather than restored. 

The first is so far my favourite photo of the trip. The slaves quarter has much more interesting lighting than the tightly controlled main house. But the view from the main house's porches (piazzas) are wonderful though.

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