07 February 2016

Sue's - Part 3

Last of Sue's teas, a lovely 水仙 this time.

Also finished drinking the very last bits of pu-er yesterday. I've officially finished a whole cake! Commemorating this by using the wrapper as a book jacket for Inferno, which I have no read a single word since picking it up in a thrift shop back in the summer "orz This, GED and Anna Karenina are the three books that I can't seem to get it despite owning forever.

Anyways, tea.
This one also started off very floral, but light mineral notes starts to become apparent when the tea cools a bit.
It hurts to pour away the rinse from yancha.

I've gone back to using my bigger yixing pot to use up an entire pack of tea in one session since I was so tired yesterday from two very long days in Charlotte. The exhaustion is real when I can't even make the effort to gong-fu tea. Still very much in a daze today, with a intermittent headache coming in and out like tides.
Definitely not a good day to start on my tax filings.

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