21 February 2016

ponce city market

So I finally got myself ~1 mile down to PCM, which is akin to NYC's Chelsea Market and YYZ's St. Lawrence market (it'd be nice if we can start referring to most cities by their airport code).

The original plan is to tease myself of my upcoming trips by eating at Minero (for CHS) and 钟水饺 at Jia (for going back home to 成都). But the first food shop I saw was Hops and the thought of no more fried chicken sandwiches after April is too much to bear.

Nashville style (explained as cayenne pepper plus other spices) fried chicken. Bonus points for having a selection of hot sauces.

Then there are a bunch of specialty food shops, including this candy shop:

Generally I'm not a big candy fan, but caramels are definitely my weakness.

Finally, today's star...well not quite. This is not 钟水饺, the dumplings that haunt my dreams, but nonetheless these wontons are pretty good. It's served in a umami heavy broth (seaweed + dried shrimp) which is a strong backup to the wontons.

Plans for the next visit is to walk down the beltline from Piedmont Park so I can gorge on burgers and milkshakes. Then buy more of that wonderful Annie B's caramel.

Bonus structural pic, would've been so cool to work on this project.

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