02 February 2016


Bad things that happened today:
  • Body aches from tripping & falling yesterday, ugh.
  • Wrestling with THERM, a most infuriating program. This will continue tomorrow, because I can't figure out why my boundary conditons aren't right, or it could be my material settings...or even my geometry? But I'd like to think I got all the geometry quirks figured out. 
To counter, good things that happened today:
  • Food at the office from hosting an external event, munched on too many wheat thins. There are worse things to snack on pshh. 
  • The most perfect warm breeze. 
  • My hair looking nice for once in a blue moon.
  • Bonus: seeing my favourite architect tomorrow
Tis an exercise I should do more often.


Precast yard where I spent all of yesterday jumping up and down (vibration testing). Untangling the accelerometer cords reminded me much of managing strain gauges, ha.

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