22 February 2016


Last sample from John, which is an aged taiwanese oolong. What varietal I have no idea, but the leaves are almost pitch black, which leads me to believe that it was repeatedly roasted over its aging process. I also forget how old this is...either 8, 10, 18, or 20 years.

(gosh the distortion annoys me to no end, more motivation to just buy the 35mm lens)

Man what a difference age has! I completely understand why people are enamored by aged tea. The transformation is nothing short of amazing, every brew has consistently tasted of jujubes and osmanthus. This is a rare time that I can confidently pinpoint the exact taste, well this time because I've drank a lot of jujubes and osmanthus "tea" and it is identical to this tea. For hot and long steeps, I managed to tease out a hinnnnt of herbaceous taste but otherwise it's purely jujubes and osmanthus.

Can't say that I like a tea with this taste profile, but very much appreciate it for the educational experience. "Lots to learn"

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