24 February 2016

nifty fifty

Today is the day that I start reaping the rewards of an interchangable lens camera! After much deliberation on whether to buy this when I get to Japan, and being disappointed that this lens wasn't included in Fuji's current rebate, I used the excuse of my upcoming Charleston trip to finally buy the XF 35mm f2.0 WR (53mm equivalent on APS-C)

Having autofocus back is nice.
My camera body looks damn handsome with it on.
It makes fried rice looks delicious.

Food sidenote: leftover tex-mex catering makes fine fried rice ingredients.

Okay fine, the white balance is pretty off.

Can't wait to take tea photos with this, which being honest, is what my camera is mostly used for outside of trips haha. Was thinking of taking it along when I walk down the beltline to PCM if I need to exchange my Madewell loafers, but that walk would benefit more from its wide-angle cousin.

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