03 February 2016


I should start doing weekly food recaps as budgetbyte does them, though a spreadsheet would be more conducive to trend spotting. I suppose this counts as a start?

Well continuing with a better photos of the vinegar roasted vegetable bowl, which I definitely will make again...but with the smoke alarm unplugged next time. Hoping to make my way to Sprouts this weekend to see if they have a good selection of produce. I'd really like two heads of cabbage.

 This week's main is gochujang fried rice:

Fried rice is a good exercise in vegetable chopping, though I'm undecided on whether I want to splurge on an Aritsugu usuba. If I do, it would eventually be redundant-ish because what I really want is a kickass cleaver. But logic is rarely effective at stopping lust, and Aritsugu is definitely on top of the Japanese knives lust list.
...or I can not get it this time so I have more reason to carve out a year of time and money to go live in Kyoto.

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