26 February 2016

beautiful crazy design

THERM is definitely the most frustrating piece of software I've ever used, nothing even comes close. That being said, it was still an enjoyable week at work. Suppose that this is the right field for me.

When the software freezes your computer multiple times an hour, the song below helps to keep myself calm and positive. Again there's no official audio yet, but the lyrics are pretty alright.


We sat on a roof, named every star
shared every bruise and showed every scar
hope has its proof put your hand in mine
Life has a beautiful crazy design
and time seemed to say
Forget the world and its weight
And here I just want to stay
Amazing day amazing day

We sat on a roof, named every star
you showed me a place where you can be what you are
And the view, the whole Milky Way
In your eyes, I drifted away
And in your arms I just want to sway
Amazing day amazing day
Amazing day amazing day
and I asked
Can the Birds in poetry chime?
can there be breaks in the chaos sometimes?
oh thanks God, must have heard when I prayed
cause now I always want to feel this way
Amazing day, amazing day
Amazing day, amazing day
Yeah, today

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