10 January 2016


I thought that I would keep my little X10 around in case I needed a more normal lens, but alas I am too spoiled by the newer model that I see all the deficiencies in the old. Especially when manual focusing, so so much easier on the X-T10 with focus peaking and a larger and higher resolution LCD screen.

Also despite all my praise for Velvia, I've been using Chrome for the past month or so since it's more suitable for indoor shooting. It really is beautiful paired with the soft, diffuse light of my window.

This is SOOC, with only cropping:
(by fluke I got the focusing perfect the first time, such a rare ocurrence)

Trying out BTT's dongding. It's a lighter roast compared to my Eco-Cha, and taste accordingly different. It's a brief interlude before diving back into yancha next weekend, courtesy of my lovely friend who sent me some samples to try.

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