24 January 2016

Sue's Part - 1

Turns out that the DHP I drank last weekend was actually from Chen's and not Sue's. This week's is actually Sue's, my apologies. Title has been updated.

perfect winter cup

the lighting changes every 10s, not good for needing to manual focus!

I have mixed feelings about this tea. On one hand, there is intense stone fruit notes in both the smell and taste in the early brews. I've read that this is supposedly an indicator of good quality yancha, but I ain't drinking yancha for the fruit taste! I had troubles coaxing out the mineral taste, which is probably because my water is cooling down too quickly. I am dangerously close to browsing Etsy for teapot cozies, though what I'd really like is a cool hearth (and a whole tea room for that matter)

sidenote: I was wondering all Saturday why I feel so darn cold even though it's barely below freezing outside. Then I realized Atlanta buildings have much less insulation than Toronto ones. Now I've given in and is blasting the heater. Unfortunately my utilities are no longer fixed rate.

a full pot in my gaiwan

Also still not use to drinking from a tiny teapot, every brew feels like a tease rather than a satisfying sip. Thinking of at least 80ml for when I get my own yancha pot.

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