30 January 2016


I doubt that I'm the only one who spends considerable amounts of time thinking what a complete shoe closet would consist of. The end game if you would call it.

There exists many previous iterations scattered across whatever journal I happen to have used at the time, and having come across one version recently made me chuckle at how my preferences have changed. The past list involved a lot more heels than I care to wear now.
So in efforts of making this comparison easier in the future, here's what my ideal...yet practical collection circa January 2016.
  • White sneakers with a thin sole that looks good dirty. Also functioning as the sole pair of travel shoes in warm weather if need to be. I hope that I'll like the stan smiths enough to not have to go through the trouble of ever needing a replacement. The agony was also comparable to that of finding a place to rent. 
  • Minimal sandal with low heel that's comfortable for walking long distance. My HGs...which I think are discontinued, or at least replaced by Trixies? Not a major problem since they look identical. 
  • Black loafers, plain almond shaped toe and not a straight or high throat line. It's sad that the most perfect pair I've found yet is a really cheap pair from my last trip back to China. Accordingly, its sole disintegrated in a year. I would love to buy a BIFL version of this shoe category, but more traditional men's loafers are cut too high and obviously not an almond toe. If I come across them again in China...will buy 5 pairs as back ups because black loafer is my desert island style. But I do like the kitty flats ;_;
  • Not black loafers for fancy occasions when there are too much standing/walking required for heels. My current pair actually functions as both, but the stitching is becoming undone and requires repairs of which I'm too lazy to atm. Charlotte Olympia's virgo flats would be perfect for this slot, but I was too late this sale cycle to get them...and it does not look like it's a permanent item "orz
  • Pointed toe ankle boots, really I'm referring to the Acne Jensen. The metal toe accent and triangular gusset opening is swoon. Though my current pair is perfectly fine, well except for the worn down heel which also needs repairs, so I am hoping to not have to replace them any time soon. 
  • Pointed toe heels, simple and relatively comfortable are my only criteria. Thinking of Manolo BBs, but this is very far off into the future.
  • Snow boots: bean boots got my covered (y)
  • Over the knee leather boots: quite a bit of choice here between the 5050, La Canadienne, etc etc. Can do without, but would make winters more bearable. 
  • "Beater" boots, rather the more accurate description would be boots that can take a beating. Activities so far include hiking and non-active construction site visits. Fulfilled by my Cords pair.
  • Country boots, fulfilled by my C&J pair, though if you want to be a stickler to tradition, country boots aren't suppose to be black. 
  • Dress boots, of which I'm eyeing this. Funny how it's a brown pair, see above. I blame C&J for having such beautiful scotch grains.
  • Jodhpurs, specifically this pair which has successfully stolen my heart. Although this is a pretty heavy overlap with pointed toe ankle boots, but alas boots are my weakness. 
  • Double, double monks. Two because they will be my primary work shoes, along with the black loafers. Have a tan pair already, which is great because I will need a lot of time to save up for two of St. Chrispin's 630. Not a surprise that the brand of Jodhpurs linked above is owned by the same people.
The influence of /r/gyw is real.

Post-game bonus: a gorgeous pair of heels for evening formal events, more likely to be in a displace case in my room rather than being worn.


I'm working on shining my monks this weekend. It requires a ton of patience which I'm having a hard time summoning, though my backlog of podcasts are helping just a tad. Doubting I will get it finished in these two days, but will report back since the seasons have changed such that I have direct sunlight for a couple of minutes everyday now.

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