16 January 2016

skincare routine: winter '16

Well my routine certainly expanded since the last time I posted in the summer.

Excluding cleansing stuff (Kose cleansing oil / Hada Labo foaming cleanser / Innisfree clay mask / Skinfood rice pack):

This is how everything is set-up on my little table, with the general order of use corresponding from left to right.

Actives (haven't changed, and probably won't for a while)
  • Mizon 8% AHA: the packaging is the sole reason why I'm not trying any other AHAs
  • Melano CC: can easily stock up while in Japan, so won't be switching back to OST for a while
  • Cosrx 2% BHA: I really do like how it sinks in so quickly
Main Routine (many new additions)
  • Cosrx A-Sol: this is more-so trouble care, but I'll slap this on whenever I feel that my skin is becoming congested. Not used everyday.
  • Cosrx Galactomyces 90: not sure how much of the overall improvement in the glowing of my skin can be attributed back to this, but it seems to have some beneficial effects. Will try other first essences when I run out though. 
  • Hada Labo lotion: so stocking up refills when in Japan
  • Shark Sauce: aka niacinamide bomb (at 5%) I love how it started (proud to be part of the 2nd batch), I love the texture...but I'm inconclusive at how effective it is for me. Been only using it on one side of my face and frankly there's little difference in the pigmentation of my old acne scars. Oh it's also gotten a ton of amazing reviews. Will reserve judgement for when I finish the bottle, hoping it's just because I'm using it only at night that the effects are taking longer to become apparent. 
  • Tosowoong propolis essence: not their famous ampoule since I'm not a big fan of mixing products into each other. This what I use on the other side of my face that doesn't get Shark Sauce. Haven't been using it enough to see if it has any benefits, but I do like the ingredients and texture. Out of Tosowoong's essence and Scinic's ampoule, one of them will cover honey and the other will cover snail, though undecided which is which yet. Used only at night.
  • Scinic Honey AIO Ampoule: not as sticky as I've read in reviews so I'm using it in the morning as the only "boosting" step aside from my Hada Labos to be true to it's AIO name. It's working well, and is very economical, so will try the snail version next. 
  • Cosrx 96% Snail Essence: solid snail essence...since there's not much else in it. I have no complaints about this, but will try out Scinic's snail AIO since I prefer products stacked with good things. Used only at night.
  • Hada Labo Milk: ditto on stocking up.
Trouble Care (entirely new section)
This section is analogous to the section of your wardrobe for exercising...or going out, whichever you do less of. Basically specialists that gets called in periodically.
  • Chica y Chico Astazet 4.0: the star ingredient is supposedly an amazing antioxidant and the product is designed to fade scars. I haven't used it enough to make a sound judgement, but so far it's not very promising.
  • Tosowoong Tea Tree Essence: this replaces Shark Sauce and the propolis essence when I have active acne. Pretty effective combo with the Cosrx A-Sol and LJH essence at calming down large inflammations. 
  • LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence: I thinnnk this is more effective than the Tosowoong essence, but also much more expensive. 
  • Mizon Pink Spot: The abovementioned combo is good at calming down large red spots, but doesn't bring them to head which then takes forever to disappear. Bought this in hopes of having a way to force the acne to come to a head so I can slap a hydrocolloid bandage on there and banish it foreverrrr.
In other news:
  • Innisfree Mist: used to wet the air puff before applying my cushion to create a dewier appearance. 
  • Sunkiller Perfect Strong Moisture Suncreen: finally used up a bottle of my Sunbears, into trying the next Japanese sunscreen. This one, although still a liquid, is slightly thicker and thus easier to apply. A good winter sunscreen.
  • Lovemore masks: back to loving Taiwanese masks, because silk masks are amazing. Hands down best mask sheet material.
I also like to keep travel sized products readily packed so I can just grab and go when packing. It's quite a time saver. 


Sarah said...

OMG you have so many great products!! I'M SO JEALOUS
do you think I should buy the scinic honey or snail AIO?

Weijie said...

I read a lot of reviews that says Honey is sticky feeling, even though I don't think so myself. But if that's something you're concerned with go with snail.

Sarah said...

oh icic! what does it do for you? I mainly want to get rid of my acne scars, hyper pigmentation, and visible pores, do you think honey/snail/both will help?
also since it's AIO, do you think I can use it as a serum substitute? I got a retinol serum but I can only use that 2-3x a week :(

Weijie said...

Those are my goals as well!!
I don't think the AIO greatly contributes to any of those concerns, but rather maintains whatever effect your other actives are making. They might help sooth any active acne, but I wouldn't count on it. Your retinol serum is definitely doing more than the honey/snail haha.
But you definitely can use it as a serum substitute. In the monrings I just use the Galactomyces, the AIO, and both Hada Labos instead of the multiple serums I use at night.