14 January 2016

prickly pears

Today features my backlog of food photos:

1. African peanut soup, much tastier than when I first made it.

The main difference, if I recall, is the generous addition of a couple different kinds of chilies, and probably more sweet potatoes. This also benefits greatly from the addition of cashews, in reality I added more after taking the photo.
Definitely a staple, especially since this freezes well.

2. Potato & tuna salad, probably my sole original recipe.

First edition here, but this version is much better mainly thanks to the ultra-crispy roasted potatoes (method via the always awesome Kenji). Though I do miss the basil, thankfully I can go back to Sky Garden this summer *u* Another tweak in this version is adding the tuna to a big batch of the dressing and letting it marinate in the heavily mustard concoction since I buy cheap water-packed tuna.

3. Cornbread

Extra emphasis on the corn, very very intense flavour of corn, all thanks to the fancy cornmeal from Anson Mills. For all the amazing corn taste, the per serving cost of this corn bread is astronomical since a bag of cornmeal cost $6 and makes...one skillet of cornbread. I should've read their recipe more closely sigh. Saving my two remaining bags for when parents visit while I try other recipes that can work with mediocre cornmeal.

4. Bean sprouts

I've very overdue on posting this since one of the photos is resized to 600px durr. But I am damn proud that I figured to use my steamer post to germinate the green beans, it works absolutely fantastic. This reminds me to see if Publix sells green beans so I can make more of them.

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