27 January 2016


Today is really one of those days, not quite like a flat line since that would imply monotonous, but rather a line with random squiggles that cancel out. An adequate description as this.

throwback to first posting this almost 4 years ago, but hey this time I found the MV!

The transition to this mood was triggered by this song coming up on shuffle while working. Somehow listening to the first couple lines of lyrics just hit so hard.

Then it just seems that the rest of songs to come up from shuffle conspires to maintain this hazy mood. Well it won't be too bad of an evening with delicious roasted vegetables and a new stack of books on cooking.


Okay feeling more  alive after eating. Let's take this opportunity to remind myself of the good things that happened today: treats in the lunch room and on-point eyelining. And if I may elaborate on the eyelining part, a) I can't believe I spent so many years not believing in eyeliners and b) despite the subsequent many years of eyelining, I still have so much trouble getting the shape right. Curses different eye lids. Though I think I'm getting the hang of getting a cat line right for my lids, it's a 3-part geometry.

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