06 January 2016

2016 resolutions

finally wrapping this up...

Overarching Theme
Being patient (especially with self) and putting in more effort (can't lose to high school self).

1-in-1-out rule on buying clothing
With these 3 exceptions: one pair of shoes that I fall in love with; heavy-weight, textured pants (mix of this and this); the perfect 墨绿色 coat.

Exercise more
After dad yelling at me for consecutive months, I've started to do some jumping jacks almost everyday. It's both a tremendous and laughably pathetic amount of progress. Will endeavor to do some stretches every time I get up from my desk at work, and 10mins of yoga at a semi-regular frequency.

Get my G2 and learn to ride a bike
Because I want to go on road trips and want more mobility.

Pickle and bake more
More concretely: make kimchi and bread. Especially bread, because no-knead dough is so little effort and cost compared to supermarket bread.

Learn Japanese
Goal is to be more fluent in Japanese than I am in French...not a very lofty goal haha. Currently learning hiragana.

Write kick-ass grad school applications
Incidental is getting fantastic grades and producing an amazing bachelor thesis. Possible silver lining is that I can skimp on rent since I'll be living at the library/computer lab. 
Sidenote: life right now feels like chapter 10 of FFXIII, the world is right about to open up and suddenly all the things you can do is overwhelming. Still undecided on how I want to spend the couple of years right after grad, considering the following options:
  • Straight to grad school
  • Work 1 - 3 years then do grad school
  • Take a year off and WWOOF in Japan / travel around China.
  • ???

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Sarah said...

I love your resolutions! Also need to get my G2 and my G1 just expired...x_x
if you're interested in going to Japan and working, look into the JET programme! It's a government program that pays pretty well for you to go abroad to Japan and teach for 1+ years.