16 December 2015


X10 meeting it's older sibling, X-T10.
I can't bear to part with the X10 because it's twist to turn on mechanism is perfection. But am glad to welcome another member to the family.

After much deliberation, these are the reasons that I chose:
a) Fuji (rather than Sony)
  • Those jpegs *u*
  • Metal construction...though at the expense of a heavier camera. It definitely feels weighty holding it in my hands, but totally fine slung across shoulders.
  • Lots of dials and buttons for dedicated controls. Though the Q menu is pretty handy too.
  • This reason is super subjective, but I totally agree with this one photographer when he described Sony as technologically great but has no soul whereas Fuji has a personality. Plus all those comparisons to the Leica spirit. Same reason why I prefer Apple's designs rather than PCs/Androids.
b) X-T10 (rather than X100t)
  • Interchangeable lenses, wheeee fancy glass.
c) Rokinon 12mm f2.0
  • Cheaper than the Fuji XF 16mm f1.4 but still good performance and even wider angle. 
  • Pretty darn handsome in silver on the silver X-T10 body :D
  • Has value as astro-photography lens when I do upgrade to the XF 16mm f1.4
The only two glaring flaws that I've currently found (at this point I've taken exactly one photo) is the center placement of the EVF (do we not have noses? the X10 does it right by placing the viewfinder to the left end of the body) and the plastic lens hood on the Rokinon (not the same quality as rest of camera set-up).
More comprehensive first impressions to come after testing it out in Mexico. Though I am a little apprehensive to use it in a coastal environment ...all that sea salt spray @_@

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