25 November 2015

Soul Eater

The trend seems to be picking up previously dropped manga once they're complete. Need to do the same for Noblesse and Kubera.

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This series needs no introduction, and I did enjoy it very much. I'm glad that I can file this into series that have satisfying endings.

Thinking about Soul Eater, I can't say that it's objectively well written, but it is entertaining and the plot/character flaws don't detract from the fun of the manga. My selfish most desired request is to see Maka's mom make an appearance...and get back together with Spirit, but I'll take Marie and Stein (Stein is definitely my 2D type, he was good with Medusa too but that ship won't even be built) as a consolation. Other plot loose strings that I'm wondering about is who is the second gorgon sister, what's Medusa's motivation, if she ever loved Crona, and why Justin deflected.
And definitely more lore. There's a lot of appearances by characters of Shinigami's generation (great old ones) that are not explained at all. Eibon and Shinigami's connection is never explored. How Medusa betrayed Archane is never explained. We get one sentence about Asura's creation. Noah just seems extra... I would very much like an entire volume of just backstory like Magi.

Surprisingly, it doesn't bother me at all that the character developments are minor and the characters themselves are rather one-dimensional. Usually this irks me me more than plot shortcomings. I actually like the fact that each character is basically representative of a single quality (eg. Maka is courage). The dynamics between every character, I do mean every single character including support and villans, is fantastic and the strongest aspect of the manga.

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