27 November 2015


Travel indeed makes you humble, this is enough justification to keep going places.
^had this thought while looking at carved wooden panels at Cooper Hewitt, if some craftsman ages ago can carve thousands of flowers, then I can get through any amount of tedious drafting (not that I've done much of that).

Most photos are up on facebook, reposting a couple that I really like here:

I gravitate to interesting light more than anything. Here features the fringes of light coming in from the window shutters that gets reflected in the display case. Also it is entirely true that what gets left out of photographs

Aside: The museum featured this spinning chair by Heatherwick Studio as part of their exhibit and my goodness that chair is so fun to spin in. I have more to say about this exhibit, maybe for another day.


Similar feelings of gratefulness were in my head as I walked down Central Park. The day was too beautiful to feel anything but.

All in all a great start to New York visit #3.

Well the great start was really visiting Fang's the first thing from the airport. I was lucky to be in the shop at the same time as a couple of regulars, which guarantees good conversation. The tea was great too, as usual, especially this high mountain black tea that was made from a varietal that's usually made into oolong. I wanted to bring some of that home, but it was only sold in 100g packages. Luckily Eco-cha seem to stock a similar tea, might try their offering instead.
I don't think I'll stray from my Flushing combo of Fang's + Xi'An Famous Foods, though there is a temple a little far off that apparently offers great dosa. Next time (when I'm not lugging my backpack)

Short backpack interlude: packed fine, not much changes from my first impression. I just don't have enough strength to carry it for long walks.

Checked into my airbnb after Flushings and was amazed at it's cuteness. Although 3B still wins because of their amazing breakfast + nice smelling toiletries. I have zero possible complaints about this place, it's so adorable. 
The photo I took from the balcony may end up being my favourite photo of this trip, because I was lucky to catch good lighting.
It still required exposure bracketing to catch most of the dynamic range. I do have complaints about Photoshop's HDR algorithm because it did not generate good results. Had to manually merge to HDR and that was a major pain because somehow the three shots came out misaligned and stretched (?!). That took easily an hour or so of fine tuning.

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