30 November 2015


Am I sounding like a broken record about how I love the color rendition that velvia produces? Absolutely beautiful, especially the blue shadows. My loyalty to fuji is increasing everytime I look at these.

Had a short conversation with Gilly about post-processing. While I'm definitely pro-post, and love to tinker around (sometimes obsessively), it's nice to be able to minimally process OOC jpegs that already look good. All of the photos below (minus the pizza) is processed from jpeg, mostly lowering the exposure of the sky, some color balance / selective color (push some red tones into the shadows to make the blue more interesting). Three shots, the intersection, girl, and Mast Brothers, is mostly untouched.

Ahh I'm so happy with velvia.

PS. don't judge from the blog photos, compressing them down to 800px takes a big toll on IQ. Don't judge on fb either, since their compression algorithm destroys IQ. I need to find somewhere else to post higher quality photos.

One caveat: velvia is not good at all for food photos, its way too saturated. Also gotta start manual focusing for food since AF is quite poor in dimly lit restaurants. Noise from high ISO is also annoying...

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