04 October 2015


The convenience of online shopping coupled with general laziness has resulted in cardboard boxes making up a good portion of my furniture. Currently using three big boxes as end tables and countless others for storage.

Heck they way outnumber my actual furniture, which consist of dining table, 3 stools, side table, mattress, lamp and a drying rack. This is about the bare minimum that I can comfortably live with, except I'd like to swap a stool for an actual chair and add a full length mirror. Otherwise it's great living with so little stuff, less to clean and less clutter. Though I can't resist a fully stocked kitchen, kitchen gears are my kryptonite to owning less stuff (way more so than clothing or cosmetics, though these 2 areas require some restraint as well). I need to come to terms with the fact that I can either have a fantastic kitchen...or I can relocate more often. Or the third option is to have both and pay insane amount of money to ship my gear durr.
I should make it a life goal to have only as much stuff as I can move with a sedan.

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