10 October 2015


I ate almost a full week of vegan food unknowingly.
  • Breakfast: avocado toast, aka the greatest lazy breakfast ever.
  • Lunch: roasted vegetables with lentils and rice. I forgot to mention that my new favourite seasoning for lentils is star anise + bay leaf, very earthy.
  • Dinner: african peanut stew with rice
Did I miss meat (or eggs, or dairy), no not really. I didn't even realize until this morning while eating the last of the avocado.

Actually this isn't entirely true. On Tuesday Chick-Fil-A had a free chick mini promotion (chick minis are nuggets of fried chicken in a bun that's the closest to a chinese bao) which made me crave fried chicken hard so I ended up eating their fried chicken sandwich for lunch on Thursday when I was running late to my site visit. Actually this isn't entirely true either, I was craving the bao part more so than the chicken part, would have been perfect if I could get my hands on Bahn Mi Boy's fried chicken bao... *u*

The point is, no I was not actively missing meat until I had it again. To paraphrase a quotation from Nana (woah how many years ago did I read this? I bought quite a few issues of Shojo Beat from the Chapters at Bayview Village), you don't appreciate what you have until you lose it and see it again.

Now to cook some roast meat for lunch next week.

Later edit:
I tried the falcons sub for lunch. For those too lazy to click on the link, it's basically exploding with fried chicken, and some bacon, peach preserves, and sirracha mayo. Quite tasty, would be better if it was toasted for a bit.

Also sprouting some mung beans after watching Maangchi's video. I had an eureka moment to substitute a steamer insert in a pot for her flower pot & bowl set-up. I feel quite clever, like those dorm hacks that you see with people straining pasta over a tennis racket.
On the topic of sprouting, I've switched to soaking my black rice after watching Peaceful Cuisine's video. Both my mom and dad has previously complained about the hard grains of black rice when they've ate my cooking (they were never impressed).

As always, weekend tea:

Dian Hong from the Joseph Wesley sample pack. I don't care too much about this one, it's more bitter compared to other Dian Hongs that I've had, and only a loooong brew brings out the familiar sweetness. The wet leaves did smell exactly like dark chocolate though.

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