21 October 2015

Kodomo no Omocha

I swear I read at least half of this series ages ago since I clearly remember a couple of scenes, but I am glad I picked it up again.

image via, it shows off the characters personalities well.

Kodomo no Omocha is probably the best school-life/rom-com shojo I've read. It was perfect for the majority of the story, with none of the usual annoyances that come with this genre. It kept me up reading for two nights despite the fact my body was screaming at me to go the fuck to bed because I was most definitely still sick. And even when I did finally oblige, I ended up thinking of Sana and Hayama and not being able to fall asleep. Their interaction is so...pure and wholesome (am I too old that I'd be thought of as creepy for using those adjectives?), it's the innocence of childhood that you lose when you grow up and replace with cynicism.
The point to take away is how great the manga is and not how terrible I am at taking care of myself. Lessons learned is not to start new mangas on Sunday night.

Anyways my only two complaint is with the latter two arcs of the love triangle between Sana/Hayama/Fuuka and then Sana'a mannequin disease. I wish the manga showed more of Fuuka and Hayama's prespective on their breakup, because it seems inconsistent that they don't immediately part, but then do so very easily. The last arc with Sana's disease just seems unnecessarily dramatic. 
And the ending, another case of it was a good fit for the story but I really want an overly romantic end :( There was a side story/cross-over, but that didn't scratch the itch unlike Basara's.

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